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Action starts a ripple effect that can transform your life.  

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Let's meet for a Cup of Clarity... 


Cup of Clarity Session

Need a neutral space to download and sort your thoughts?  Overwhelmed?  Stuck?  Spinning your wheels?  Let's meet for a cup of clarity. You bring the topic needing laser focus and form. Let's capture the brilliance, remove the noise  and get to the core of what truly matters.  You leave with clarity, traction and a way to go through this dynamic 50-minute conversation. Includes:  pre-consult questionnaire, post assignments and email follow up.  Book one session or multiple sessions and save.  

12-Week Personal Breakthrough Series

Ready for a breakthrough?  Need clarity and direction on a new chapter you want to write in your life?  A series of weekly sessions may be the framework you need to become crystal clear about your purpose and direction; laser focused and accountable to your plans and truly inspired to act with passion from the inside out. You're invited to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to find out if a 12-week personal breakthrough series will deliver what you need to get you to where you want to go.    

Personal Image 


Individual Sessions are available to those seeking specialized knowledge and skill development in areas such as professional image development, wardrobe planning, public speaking, business etiquette and protocol or grooming to embody an executive presence.   You're invited to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call for you and/or a colleague needing assistance. Consultations, courses and /or speciality sessions are customized to suit your professional and personal development needs and goals.

Start the ripple.

One small act can transform your life.

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