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About Reimi Marden

Reimi Marden, the dynamic force behind The Winning Edge, embodies the adage, "Dynamite comes in small packages!" As the Founder and CEO of the esteemed image consulting and corporate training firm, she has crafted a remarkable 33-year legacy, making an indelible impact on professionals across the United States and Macau, SAR of China.


Renowned in guest service and luxury sectors, her unique approach cultivates authentic brand ambassadors, shaping corporate culture and identity.


The Winning Edge employs a distinctive "image making from the inside out" methodology, fostering positive change within organizations. Often described as "Edu-tainment," Reimi’s work blends education and entertainment in customized programs crafted to inform and captivate, ensuring participants leave with newfound skills and insights that inspire action.


Notable clients such as Four Seasons Resorts, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Galaxy Entertainment Group and Harrah’s Entertainment attest to the undeniable impact of her work. Leveraging her experience as a Training Consultant for Dale Carnegie Courses, Reimi leaves a lasting impression with her genuine humility and magnetic personality.


Now, Reimi focuses on empowering under-served women in employment readiness and leadership development, aligning with her life’s mission to equip individuals with tools for success.


Engaging with this five-foot powerhouse reveals why Reimi is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and cherished mentor. Her unwavering positivity and sweet spirit ignite enthusiasm, leaving an indelible impression on all fortunate enough to work with her.

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